“Kibune (貴船, lit. yellow boat) is a small town in a forested valley in the northern mountains of Kyoto City, which developed around Kibune Shrine. According to legend, a goddess traveled in a yellow boat (hence the name Kibune) from Osaka all the way up the river into the mountains north of Kyoto, and Kibune Shrine was built at the site where her boat journey had come to an end.

Kibune Shrine is dedicated to the god of water and rain and believed to be the protector of those at sea. Here you can obtain a unique type of fortune written on paper slips (omikuji) that reveal their messages when dipped into water. Okunomiya, the inner sanctum and original site of Kibune Shrine, lies about one kilometer further up the valley. It has a large rock, known as the boat stone, which is said to be where the goddess’ yellow boat is buried.” – Japan Guide






© Bradley Cram



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